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Click here to see our product in action on ABC’s The New Inventors from June 2010 – Please note that we have now developed a new system as of March 2017

Watch Our GarTh Hitch Youtube Video:

This is an example of the system originally built by Hitch Bros Pty Ltd.

Extensive Research and Development during 2016/7 has resulted in a totally new System design with many more features and operational improvements.





The new system with the Pintle/Automatic couplings. The system is shown in the two operational positions. NOTE: The rotating securing bolts that now are extended past the front face. Bolt threads can now be cleaned on each coupling change and the nuts replaced as required.



Installing the new Bartlett Ball/Automatic System onto new trucks.




Another view of this installation.




And… another




The new Automatic/Pintle system with the Automatic coupling in the top position.




Side “Fish Plate” with the Tipper Body pin sleeves in place.




Tipper Body fitted: Automatic coupling is in the operating position.




Auto coupling release handle is a tight fit.