UNIQUE Multi coupling Truck Tow Bar. The GarTh Hitch incorporates BOTH a Ball hitch and an Automatic hitch OR a Hook hitch and an Automatic hitch and ALLOWS BOTH COUPLINGS TO BE FITTED TO A SINGLE VEHICLE.

If, for example, the GarTh Hitch is in the Ball or Hook position and the Automatic coupling is required instead, the operator simply removes two nuts, rotates the centre and replaces the nuts.

This process can be carried out in a matter of minutes by one operator with a single spanner.

UNIQUE Multi coupling truck tow bar-truck hitch. Only available from Hitch Bros or our official distributors





Introducing the GarTh Hitch Truck Towbar

Most importantly, the main support frame is compatible with any rotating mount.

Currently, the GarTh Hitch is compatible with a Bartlett ball, a SAF-Holland PH300 Pintle Hook, Ringfeder, Rockinger RO 500 automatic hitch and V Orlandi auto hitches. If you would prefer to use a different brand of hitch, please contact us and we will make every effort to make it compatible.

Allowing vehicles to be fitted with both couplings offers substantial benefits for large and small companies alike.

The GarTh Hitch will maximise the versatility of small companies that have a single vehicle and increase the scope of work they can carry out.

For large companies that have multiple vehicles fitted with either one coupling or the other, the GarTh Hitch can resolve the logistical issues they currently face. It will allow these large companies to carry out their work more efficiently and increase their profit margin and it will reduce the number of heavy vehicles on the road; cutting down traffic congestion, lowering emissions and reducing road wear.

The GarTh Hitch. One Vehicle. Two Truck Hitches.